Testimonial - USA

Mary Leen

Testimonial: As a teacher in university classrooms for more than thirty years, I came to Arapata's Womb Workshops in Poland (one in Krakow and one in Warsaw) with oodles of experience with both groups and growth.  Even so, I was impressed (even "engraved") with the magic of those workshops.  I made lifelong bonds with women I would have otherwise not even met.  I learned ways to examine and integrate my own emotions.  I learned that I'm never alone, that the energy and guidance of the universe, the planet, and my ancestors cradle me, just as I cradle my own newborn self.  I learned to be open and vulnerable in space and energy of trust.  The combination of dance and meditation and writing exercises and breathing exercises and all the other ways Arapata invites us to dance together and trust each other, 

have changed me forever.

testimonials - Romania

Ioana Maria  

"Grandmother Arapata’s work is what work with and for women should really be about. It is gentle, yet goes deep and brings women to their true essence, the one that lies beyond all the pain and trauma. In her work, she empowers women, encouraging them to be exactly who and what they are, with no fears, no masks, no excuses. Grandmother Arapata’s work is a breath of fresh air, because of its authenticity and the strength and protection it provides. She creates a safe space for women to cry, laugh, dance, be quiet, talk, heal and through all of this go back to the Wise Woman within. "

Claudia Damoc - Hermitage Urban Spiritual Hub

Meeting Grandmother Arapata is a unique and direct experience of the feminine. Her presence of heart, mind and spirit offers the possibility to bring together the beauty, strength and joy manifested in this level of infinite field of consciousness. She stands by your side, with tireless passion to work with you in bringing together your most precious gifts. She helps women to tap into the wonder of true authentic expression of divine feminine. It is a blessing and an honor to come across to such a wonderful woman, which is in true service of womanhood. – C.D.

Testimonial - germany

Irene Klage

Ich bin so dankbar, Großmutter Arapata begegnet zu sein! Auf unglaublich sanfte und liebevolle Weise hat sie mich ermutigt, mir selbst zu vertrauen.

Ich fühle mich mit meiner inneren weisen Frau verbunden, und kann aus ihrer Weisheit und Stärke schöpfen. Ich habe die direkte Präsenz meiner Ahnen gespürt und ihre Unterstützung erfahren. Ich habe Wunder erlebt und erfahren, wie sich generationsübergreifende Blockaden lösen. 

Arapata hat mich gelehrt, sanft und liebevoll mit mir selbst umzugehen. Ich kann auf humorvolle Weise akzeptieren, dass ich nicht perfekt bin und dass das in Ordnung ist.  Ich kann den sanften, weiblichen Weg gehen und einfach ich selbst sein. 

Und ich bin nicht allein! Im Kreis der Schwestern bin ich mit vielen Frauen auf der ganzen Welt verbunden. Vielen Dank, Großmutter Arapata!

(English Translation)

I am so grateful that I met grandmother Arapata! In an incredibly soft and loving way she encouraged me, to trust myself.

I feel connected to my inner wise woman and I can summon up to her wisdom and power. I feel the direct presence of my ancestors ant their support. I experienced miracles and how generational pain released.

Arapata taught me to treat myself gently and lovingly. I can accept humorously that I am not perfect and that it is okay. I can walk the soft, female way and just be myself.

And I am not alone! In the circle of sisters I am connected to many women around the world. Thank you so much, Arapata!


Raquel Fortuny

We arrived to our Grandmother Arapata workshop "The Elements of Healing the Inner Feminine" as a group of female seekers.  Each of us eager to find something personal and different. Eager to find maybe something we couldn't really point at but that we felt missing. She held our hands with strength and humor. With authority and kindness and lead us slowly and steady into ourselves. Where we could find the voice that said, " You need nothing."  Where we felt complete and in peace. I find difficult to feel safe in certain circles but she held the space with such presence and support from her and our ancestors that I found the space to really let go, relax and explore. It feels like home when you find a guide that can really see you and takes you to the tools you need to develop yourself. Sometimes what we need is much more simple than what we think. And for sure finding it is life changing. I hope that we all who shared that space, are still able to maintain the spirit and we all keep holding hands with our wise woman.   Thank you all.  Thank you Grandmother Arapata.


Sandra Held

"It was like coming home for me when I met Arapata and her work for the first time.

A reunion with the power of family and life.

I come from a culture where a grandmother mostly tells her grand daughter how cruel and painful the past was, about war and so much pain, about the wounds oft the feminine and to be aware of ...of everything and everyone everywhere.

In the Sacred Womb Awareness, I was melting and flowing with this powerful softness and love, and I got this power back to give myself permission to be soft with myself.

A new path was born. A new me was born.  With Arapata it was like meeting my real grandmother who reminds me of my deep essence- being a wise woman.

Like the most powerful piece of me that was buried under so many horror-tales now rises like a Phoenix.

At the Sacred Womb Awakening, this new found power was more activated and I got more tools for my empowerment in daily life.

Walking this path with Arapata for me is like walking with the power of life guided by the power of truth, simplicity and love.

Thank you from my heart, dearest sister, for your being and your work!"