Individual spiritual guidance Mentorships

"When you're sick and tired of being sick and tired"

Starting July 1, 2019 Grandmother Arapata will begin to offer online Spiritual Guidance Mentorships for those ready to work with 'generational pain' with individual sessions with Grandmother Arapata.

These Spiritual Guidance Mentorships are for those serious about healing generational trauma, but are unable to attend Grandmother's  'Sacred Womb - Sacred Women' Seminars/Workshops.

In case you're wondering what 'generational trauma is?  It's that issue you believe you've overcome - only to have it reappear again and again.   If you feel you've tried everything and an issue continues to haunt you, causing continuing chaos in your relationships and life.  Then you're welcomed to apply.

Since there are LIMITED amount of Mentorships offered the following  two-step process is required:

  1. Please write an email sharing why you're choosing an Individual Mentorship.
  2. If your email is accepted a 'free' consultation with Grandmother Arapata will be scheduled to ensure compatibility and sincerity.

For those MEN wishing to do these mentorships their partners/spouses should have completed ALL my Sacred Womb - Sacred Women Seminars/Workshops.

 (All sessions will be spoken in English)


Weekly Sessions - Learning Tools

Weekly Visits - Implementing Tools

6 - months, divided into 2 month segments.

  • 2 - months AWARENESS (WEEKLY sessions)
  • 1 - month REST (Implementing tools/ weekly visit)
  • 2 - months AWAKENING (WEEKLY sessions)
  • 1 - month REST (Implementing tools/ weekly visit)


Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands

3000, EUR

Hungary, Romania, Lithuania

1500, EUR


6500, PLN

New Zealand

$2500.00 NZD


$3500.00 USD

"When working online you are working closer  spiritually- than physical contact could ever offer"   Grandmother Arapata