Healing Journey I - 2019


Gently learning to heal generational pain & habits preventing you from living 'your' truths.  For 9 months we lovingly journey together as a Sacred Circle of 10 women.  Softly nurturing the  power of our femininity. 

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Healers Journey II - 2020


Expanding our awareness to master the  ability to hold Sacred Healing Space for ourselves in order to hold it for others within our 'work' and our 'workplace'. 

Learn how to navigate in the business without loosing "you."

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Sacred Journeys


Here's an opportunity to see parts of the world with "like minded" sisters.  Hosted by local Indigenous Grandmothers to deeply understand and experience the sacred nature of the cultures and their connection to Mother Earth.  

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Seminars - Workshops - Retreats

United States America 2019

Family time a priority this year ...

 So keep posted incase time allows a retreat or Workshop in the USA

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Europe 2019

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