nurturing our newborns ... after the wisdom is shared

Wise Women Host -Information

The years of traveling abroad have shown me the need for each Circle of women to have a leader guiding their circle.  After meeting with me it's imperative to continue nurturing the processes started.

I'm not interested in teaching large groups of sisters.  Rather circles with

12 - 16 sisters have proven to offer the most effective path where sisters can feel nurtured and supported.

I call to those women who'd like to Host Sacred Womb - Sacred Women Seminars in their towns.  What this requires is your ability to gently hold your Sacred Space.  The desire to serve your sisters in a nurturing way.  With the understanding that you don't have to be perfect or know the answers.  

If you feel called to become a Wise Women Host, it may be to serve a circle you now have or are involved in.  A circle you wish to expand, or a circle you are willing to establish in your area or country.  You may desire to work as an individual or with another sister or a few sisters to facilitate - all choices are welcomed.

Each country will have a Senior Wise Women to support your efforts and you will work directly with Grandmother Arapata when the Circle is formed.  

After the first Seminar/Workshop you as Wise Women Hosts are welcomed to join the "Wahine Toa" Circle where  Wise Women Hosts and Senior Wise women meet with me to share, encourage and support each other.  There is NO COST to Wise Women Hosts or Senior Wise Women to join.

To receive information please send an email to:


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Town & Country this will take place

Dates you are considering

Are you hosting alone or with other sisters?

Why you'd like to become a Wise Woman Host?

Good time to chat online (via Skype, FB or Gmail)

Please give us seven (7) days response time.  

"Remember none of us walk our journey's alone ...  we are with you"

Wahine Toa Circle

As a Hostess you will join our "Wahine Toa" Circle.  Here we meet as Wise Women to receive continued support for your Sacred Circles from Grandmother Arapata & each other.