2020 Healers Journey II

Must complete Healing Journey I - (Grandmother Arapata's permission required)

Beginning:  March 8, 2020

Ending:        December 1, 2020 

In order to take Healers Journey II sisters must complete Healing Journey I.  This is so you have the basic skills needed to be ready for the Healers Journey II with time to understand and implement the tools into your life.

The Healers Journey II is an intensive 32 - week journey where we deepen the skills you learned in Healing Journey I.  This journey will also teach the following tools:

  • How to hold awareness in both the 'seen and unseen worlds' when holding Sacred Space for individuals
  • How to hold awareness in both worlds when holding Sacred Space for groups
  • How to deepen your spiritual practice practically
  • Erasing 'expectations' to avoid 'ego flare-ups'
  • Finding your style, your way, your happiness in teaching and healing
  • How to nourish yourself while working
  • How to nurture yourself when you've exhausted yourself
  • How to create & market a business without 'selling out'
  • Overcoming 'fear' in dealing with financial aspects when working
  • How to integrate Sacred Womb tools with your current healing modalities.

Upon completing this you will become part of the "SWSW Healers Circle"  which offers ongoing support, Annual International Healers Gathering and a Personal Letter of Recommendation from Arapata.  

Please understand I don't believe in Certifications or Degrees.

Journey Cost includes:

1      Six day Retreat/Seminar  (teachings)

3     Individual Sessions (with Arapata)

4     Webinars (hosted by Arapata)

32    Weekly Online Circles (lead by Arapata)

PLEASE NOTE:  Food, Lodging & Travel price for the "Six Day Retreat/Seminar is NOT INCLUDED in the price listed.


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