Grandmother Arapata


Ko Takitimu te Waka (canoe)
Ko Hikurangi te Maunga (mountain)
Ko  Uawa te Awa (river)
Ko Ngati Porou te Iwi (tribe)
Ko Hauiti te Marae (meeting house)
Ko Eileen te Mama 
Ko Ominae te Papa
Ko Arapata te ingoa

Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa

Grandmother Arapata's  journey began as the daughter of two, expanding to becoming the sister of ten, mother of six, and currently the grandmother of seventeen amazing grandchildren.

Born and raised in Aotearoa (New Zealand) and the USA.  Grandmother Arapata holds the indigenous lineage of both the Maori and Samoan ancestral bloodlines.

Raised to respect the beauty of both of her cultures Grandmother Arapata returned to traditional teachings and wisdom in sharing healing tools to empower individuals.  Believing 

"Each individual is their own greatest healer."


Blessed to travel internationally Grandmother Arapata has been specifically working women to restore the energy flow within the 'womb and genitalia' blocked by abuse or generational pain.  

Blending her knowledge as a Certified Kundalini, Yen and Restorative Yoga Instructor,  Grandmother Arapata is also accomplished in using Vibrational Sound techniques.  This includes the use of Gongs, Crystal Bowls,  Chanting, Dance and Guided Meditation.

Her teachings are 'simple yet deep', 'gentle yet strong' and 'old yet relevant'. 

Lovingly inviting all those who are 'sick in tired of being sick in tired' and ready for real change in their lives ... Grandmother Arapata welcomes you.


Sharing my perspective on life and all things pertaining to living life.  This is done sporadically as I feel inspired or when I remember my password ... hahaha

My Maori Whanau (family)

Sharing a peek into my family - a small gathering of my mother's siblings and their families.  Our childhood gathering place Hauiti Marae, Tologa Bay - New Zealand.