Healing Journey - 2019, 2020

maximum of 10 Sisters

Beginning:  October, 2019

Ending:       May, 2020

6 Day Retreat:  June, 2019 

I've designed this journey to tenderly nurture you through your healing processes.  This is why the Healing Circle is limited to 10 sisters, so that each of you are seen within our Circle.  During our time together you will learn tools empowering you to heal your personal Sacred Space gently.  Lovingly empowering your Wise Woman to blossom and take her rightful place.  This will mean learning and applying deeper tools to lovingly care for your mental, emotional & physical bodies.  You'll understand the importance of working with the elements within & around you.  Learning how tenderly apply these tools into your daily life.  Within our Healing Circle each of you becomes an important and intricate part of holding the Circles healing power.  

So please understand there is no quitting.  No matter what your going through we will go through it together! (exhale)  This journey will gently embrace you, as you challenge your authenticity,  see your truths and accept your imperfections.  Healing Journey I is the first of two journeys needed to complete the Sacred Womb - Sacred Women Training.

 Expect an abundance of:  

  • Arapata's irreverent humor
  • Laughter - laughter - laughter
  • Quiet gentle reflection
  • Soulful awareness
  • Loving support & honesty

Journey's Cost includes:

6     Six day Retreat/Seminar (teachings only)

24    Weekly Online Circles (led by Arapata)

Ongoing individual support throughout this Healing Journey

PLEASE NOTE:    Food, Lodging & Travel price for the 6 - Day Retreat/Seminar is NOT INCLUDED in the price listed.

Payment, cost & deadline information

Costs, Payment Plan options & Deadline information.  Prices vary according to the medium income of each country.

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